Welcome to Opes One Advisors

"I’m not a tax or legal advisor." Most advisors we know learn to say those words frequently during client interactions. They may be required to by their firms, but there's another compelling reason to say it: “It's the truth.”

I’m like the best primary care physician. I know the limits of my expertise and defer to experts when those limits are reached. But just like primary care physicians, financial advisors study, read and maintain an awareness of important related concepts. It would be impossible to provide good financial advice without knowing something about taxes, estate planning, retirement benefits and more.

And like a primary care physician, I’m better prepared to see changes in a client's situation than a specialist would. How often do you see your accountant? Maybe once or twice a year. I haven't seen my own in several years because I typically communicate with him by email or the phone. How often do most people see their estate attorney? Maybe only once or twice after they draft their estate plans.

So, like a primary care physician, I’m your first line of defense against tax and estate problems. I’m available to see my clients more frequently than their other advisors. I may not be able to solve your tax and estate problems immediately, but I’m positioned to see them and obtain assistance when required.